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The beginning

A footnote

It’s not over. If you thought that was the end, think again. We are planning. Please bear with us. More news to follow. Not sure […]

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The end (of phase 1)

It’s ironic that when I set up this blog I tagged the first lot of posts ‘The beginning’ and now it seems we’re at the […]

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Guesthouse adultery

Don’t tell anyone but yesterday we went to see another property in Cornwall. I actually feel a bit guilty for looking further afield, and if […]

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Afternoon teas

Over the weekend I baked, and when I say baked I mean I made more sugary, floury, eggy things than can be found in the […]

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If I had a time machine…

Having spent all weekend writing about our USPs, marketing strategies, and sorting out cash flow forecasts I am a bit out of steam for updates. […]

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Learnings so far…

Bored of moaning about the mortgage, and unable to update you on anything as there is no news as yet, I thought I’d take this […]

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Addicted to social media

By day I am a strategy consultant, working at one of the top 100 digital agencies in the UK. By night I am a blog […]

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My perfect guesthouse

Everyone’s an expert! Or so it seems. Everybody we speak to about this project knows exactly what they’d cook for breakfast, how the rooms would […]

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Catching the bus

Tomorrow I am going to Bristol. This, in itself is not unusual, my other half is from Bristol so we’re down there quite a lot. […]

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Full steam ahead

I don’t think I quite believe we’re actually doing this. I’m planning awards we’re going to win while my more realistic other half is thinking […]

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