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Life as a guest house owner

The last word.

Here we are, just 2 years since the fateful holiday when we decided to jack in our London lives and move down to St Ives to run a guest house: July 2010 feels like a lifetime away and there’s something poetic about this last blog being published on the second anniversary of the first one.

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Back here again

You’d think, after all the renovations in February and March this year, we’d be used to it; unfortunately that’s not the case. I can’t help but squirm when walking up the stairs to see the dust gathering on every possible surface and this time it seems harder to watch as we are not working in a building site – we are working in our home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Short of inspiration for blog subjects I turned to the ever-faithful Twitter: With 462 followers (not a word I’m a huge fan of using) I thought that if just 2% have a few things they’ve always wanted to know about running a B&B now is the time to ask. With a whole season’s experience under our belts surely we are now experts!

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What (we hope) the guests don’t see

I would be lying if I told you that Danny and I never exchanged a cross word. Unfortunately these words do not always occur when we are alone in the house and arguing through gritted teeth and whispers has become a bit of an art form.

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Fantasy vs Reality

When people warned me that running a guest house was hard work I arrogantly retorted back ‘What job isn’t hard work?’. Well, as is becoming customary, I am having to eat my words. It occurred to me, while pondering the depths of my arrogance, that I wrote a blog almost a year ago depicting my life in Cornwall. It seemed only fair and right to re-visit said blog and compare the reality of the situation to the fantastical dreamworld I dreamt up over a Starbucks coffee.

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Living on leftovers

We’re living on leftovers. Leftover bacon, sausage and eggs… it’s beginning to feel like every mealtime is breakfast in a different form…

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The alternative learnings

A while back I was asked to do a guest blog summarising 10 things we’ve learned since making the leap… They’re lessons I’ve learned the hard way and things that I now realise to be a good thing despite my scepticism at the time. However, there are lots of random things we’ve learned (especially about human nature) since opening a guest house so here is my 10 (other) things I’ve learned since opening Little Leaf…

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The elusive ‘cool’

I’m not cool, I never have been cool and at this stage in my life I should probably accept that I never will be cool. I can do funny, absolutely. I can do dancing queen. I can do loudest person in the room but ‘cool’ is something that other people are and I’m very often 1, if not 2 and 3 steps behind them.

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Are we funky?

Not two people to hang around it doesn’t take us long to get obsessed about one thing or another. If it’s not sorting out our food safety practices it’s ensuring that we’ve done all our smoke alarm tests. So… it’s no surprise to me that we are now obsessed with awards.

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Getting into our groove

The first month is behind us. Little Leaf Guest House has officially been open 4 weeks. Cue fanfares and trumpet noises. We’re finally enjoying ourselves. The panic is over and we’re excited about living in St Ives and the business ahead of us.

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