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Omlettes and other eggsperiments

Last night Danny and I had an omlette competition. Assuming it was quicker to make our own the way we wanted to, rather than arguing […]

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The entrepreneur in me

Throughout the process of starting a business you hear a lot about entrepreneurs, people who have done this, that and the other – all hugely […]

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Between dramas

On Sunday night, around 7pm, I found myself with nothing to do and it was highly unnerving. With so much going on it didn’t seem […]

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My job at the moment is to project manage the design and development of the Little Leaf website. Fresh from the social media success of Twitter, […]

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Mates rates

What constitutes a mate? A question that never really needed answering until now. Having never had a job which rains down perks upon my grateful […]

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Introducing Little Leaf Guest House

8 weeks ago I got home from work to find Danny hunched over the computer browsing Google. I should mention that this is not an […]

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De-briefing breakfast

After seemingly endless discussions about how to do the best full English breakfast ever, Danny and I finally put our theories to the test and […]

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Zero spatial awareness

It recently occurred to me (no less than 3 weeks ago) that I am dating a man with zero spatial and time awareness. I probably […]

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Living with the parentals

When I tell people, as I often do these days, that I’m living with my parents they cock their head to one side, roll their […]

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I quit… (nearly)

This is the week I will quit my job. On Thursday I will hand in my diplomatically written letter of resignation and the 3-month countdown […]

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