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Are we funky?

Not two people to hang around it doesn’t take us long to get obsessed about one thing or another. If it’s not our ‘position’ on Trip Advisor, it’s making sure we have every single wall space filled with art from St Ives galleries. If it’s not sorting out our food safety practices it’s ensuring that we’ve done all our smoke alarm tests. So… it’s no surprise to me that we are now obsessed with awards.

During one of our ‘ideas afternoons’ last week we decided that we’d like an award, that it would be a good thing to put on the wall and a good thing to be able to tell the banks if/when we need to ask for more money. Scouring the awards sites we were swiftly able to eliminate 95% of them – we’re either too small (a source of constant frustration), too new or too unconventional.

We then came across the AA award for ‘Most Funky B&B’… initially we got a tad over-excited. This award had our name all over it surely!? After all, we have an iPad in the guest lounge and a Banksy on the wall – what’s that if it’s not funky? Full of the joys of spring we set about exploring previous winners and nominees.

At each new site we came across our heart sank… there were themed rooms and giant, four poster beds; vintage posters on the wall and antique furniture in the rooms. Endless room space was furnished with gorgeous rugs and quirky armchairs while original (we think) wooden beams lent rooms a old-world feel. If this is funky what are we?

It’s a funny thing, awards. After all – you decide the award you want to go for and then you question every single decision you make thereafter. Will this help us get the award? Will ‘x’ addition to the hallway deem us funky enough to enter? Should we ditch the pine and start hanging vintage posters everywhere?

Obviously the answer to these questions is ‘Absolutely not’, or ‘Only if WE want to – only if it fits Little Leaf’. We cannot and must not fall into the trap of trying to do things for effect, we then lose our authenticity and personality.

I’ve spent all evening (it is now half past ten) painting a wooden door in Room 1 because, finally, after staring at plain white doors for the last 5 weeks we decided that it just didn’t fit, and we had a bit of a DIY blitz this afternoon to ‘Little Leaf’ things up a bit.

Funky? Who the hell knows. Looks great though, and we will sleep happy in our beds tonight knowing that whoever goes into that room next, while they will know no different, we know that it looks that little bit better… they can decide if it’s funky or not!

Jess Stone says:

We’ve just booked a week at your B&B in August and i’m looking forward to it so much! I’ve just read so much of your blog and you two sound like you really do deserve it! 🙂 can’t wait! x

matt says:

Play that funky music… guest house!