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No cleaners needed here

It amazes me that I like cleaning; not in a ‘Oh, this isn’t too bad’ kind of way; but a real ‘This is great’ way. Surveying a room once it’s been cleaned from top to toe is a lovely feeling. Crisp, white, cotton sheets on the bed, cushions arranged neatly on top, sparkling chrome taps and fluffy, white towels. I shut the door on a job well done and look forward to the moment when we open the door for a guest, showing them into a room that we’re really proud of.

It’s cleaning but not like doing your own bathroom or bedroom… While I couldn’t bear living in a tip our room is far from clean and tidy. There are mounds of stuff that we never worked out where to store when we moved everything from the pile of crap in the living room just days before we opened. Our bed is nearly levitating due to the amount of random bits and bobs we’ve shoved under it. Our bathroom is just about clean but the bedroom floor hasn’t seen a hoover since March.

There’s something completely different about cleaning for a guest, it’s like getting your home ready before someone comes over for dinner. It’s cleaning knowing that someone will appreciate it rather than cleaning just because it’s ‘time to clean’.

There have been times when I’ve looked longingly at guest bedrooms and thought how lovely it would be just to pile in to those cotton sheets, curl up in the duvet, put the mini kettle on and settle down for an afternoon of television (something I used to watch significantly more than I do now), but instead I have to close the door and skulk back to our bedroom where I have to move 2 weeks worth of washing (yet to be put away) in order to get on the bed and make the numerous number of phone calls that running a business involves.

Likewise for the breakfasts and teas. Cooking for myself – ugh, who can be bothered, let’s just eat a packet of pringles, a bit of left over easter egg and go to bed; but guests are a whole different ball game. They get home made brownies and cookies, fresh cups of tea and filter coffee. As far as I’m concerned nothing is too much trouble, no matter how much washing up it creates.

It’s very much an ‘us’ and ‘them’ situation in my head. They can never create too much mess or ask for too many things whereas if Danny dare ask me to grab his newspaper from the kitchen when I’m halfway up the stairs… well, let’s just put it this way – he’s not going to get it without a butt-load of moaning beforehand, maybe even a little bit of a strop (depending on what kind of mood I’m in).

I digress… the nub of it is that I am quite enjoying even the ‘rubbish’ bits of the job. Not bad going for a girl who has employed a cleaner for most of her adult life and who didn’t know how to empty a bagless vacuum cleaner until about 2 weeks ago.

wendy says:

I work on the premis that my home is clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy!!

Marcela says:

Lovely post, cool site style, stick to the great work

Ann Patey says:

Hilarious. Love the climbing into guests bed bit. I can just imagine you standing there thinking about it. Haha

Jan says:

maybe I should see myself as a guest in my own flat (maybe that would help me with my cleaning)