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Zero spatial awareness

It recently occurred to me (no less than 3 weeks ago) that I am dating a man with zero spatial and time awareness. I probably […]

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Living with the parentals

When I tell people, as I often do these days, that I’m living with my parents they cock their head to one side, roll their […]

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I quit… (nearly)

This is the week I will quit my job. On Thursday I will hand in my diplomatically written letter of resignation and the 3-month countdown […]

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Me, Danny, and a big house in Cornwall

You may have noticed that I’ve gone a bit quiet this week. This has predominantly been for the following reasons: We have been moving – […]

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My name is Lee, and I'm a hoarder

I have only been living in my flat for 6 years and consider myself a bit of a minimalist so am surprised by the following […]

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Even the sticky toffee pudding was a sign

Far be it from me to wander around saying things like ‘it’s fate that we met when we did’, and ‘I can’t second guess what […]

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Is this the real thing, or is this just fantasy?

Last night as I sat in a cafe in Angel drinking a strong, black Americano coffee I felt a shiver of excitement. I suddenly pictured […]

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Spin cycle

The title here refers to what’s going on in my head; it is not a prophecy about the amount of laundry we will be doing […]

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